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Synonyms of smuggle
<h5><font color='#Fda123'>Verb</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >smuggle</strong>&#32;(<i>third-person singular simple present</i> <b>smuggles</b>, <i>present participle</i> <b>smuggling</b>, <i>simple past and past participle</i> <b>smuggled</b>)<br><no>1. (transitive,&#32;intransitive) To import or export, illicitly or by stealth, without paying lawful customs charges or duties<br><no>2. (transitive) To bring in surreptitiously<br><no>3. (slang) To thrash or be thrashed by a bear's claws, or to swipe at or be swiped at by a person's arms in a bearlike manner.
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