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Antonyms of dope
<h5><font color='#Fda123'>Noun</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >dope</strong> (<i>countable and uncountable</i>, <i>plural</i> <b class=\"Latn\" >dopes</b>)<br><no>1. (uncountable) Any viscous liquid or paste, such as a lubricant, used in preparing a surface.<br><no>2. (uncountable) An absorbent material used to hold a liquid.<br><no>3. (uncountable,&#32;aeronautics) Any varnish used to coat a part, such as an airplane wing or a hot-air balloon in order to waterproof, strengthen, etc.<br><no>4. (uncountable,&#32;slang) Any illicit or narcotic drug that produces euphoria or satisfies an addiction; particularly heroin.<br><no>5. (uncountable,&#32;slang) Information.<br><no>6. (countable,&#32;slang) A stupid person.<br><h5><font color='#Fda123'>Verb</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >dope</strong>&#32;(<i>third-person singular simple present</i> <b>dopes</b>, <i>present participle</i> <b>doping</b>, <i>simple past and past participle</i> <b>doped</b>)<br><no>1. (transitive,&#32;slang) To affect with drugs.<br><no>2. (transitive) To treat with dope (lubricant, etc.).<br><no>3. (transitive,&#32;electronics) To add a dopant such as arsenic to (a pure semiconductor such as silicon).<br><no>4. (slang) To use drugs. <br><h5><font color='#Fda123'>Adjective</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >dope</strong> (<i>comparative</i> <b class=\"Latn\" >doper</b>, <i>superlative</i> <b class=\"Latn\" >dopest</b>)<br><no>1. (slang) Great, amazing or extraordinary.<br><font color='#Fda123'> <i>That shit is <b>dope</b>!</i></font>
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