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Synonyms of truck
<h5><font color='#Fda123'>Verb</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >truck</strong>&#32;(<i>third-person singular simple present</i> <b>trucks</b>, <i>present participle</i> <b>trucking</b>, <i>simple past and past participle</i> <b>trucked</b>)<br><no>1. (intransitive,&#32;now&#32;&#32;chiefly&#32;&#32;dialectal) To fail; run out; run short; be unavailable; diminish; abate.<br><no>2. (intransitive,&#32;now&#32;&#32;chiefly&#32;&#32;dialectal) To give in; give way; knuckle under; truckle.<br><no>3. (intransitive,&#32;now&#32;&#32;chiefly&#32;&#32;dialectal) To deceive; cheat; defraud.<br><h5><font color='#Fda123'>Noun</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >truck</strong> (<i>countable and uncountable</i>, <i>plural</i> <b class=\"Latn\" >trucks</b>)<br><no>1. A small wheel or roller, specifically the wheel of a gun-carriage.<br><no>2. The ball on top of a flagpole.<br><no>3. (nautical) On a wooden mast, a circular disc (or sometimes a rectangle) of wood near or at the top of the mast, usually with holes or sheaves to reeve signal halyards; also a temporary or emergency place for a lookout. \"Main\" refers to the mainmast, whereas a <i>truck</i> on another mast may be called (on the mizzenmast, for example) \"mizzen-truck\".<br><no>4. (countable,&#32;uncountable,&#32;US,&#32;Australia) A semi-tractor (\"semi\") trailer; (UK) a lorry.<br><font color='#Fda123'> <i>Mexican open-bed <b>trucks</b> haul most of the fresh produce that comes into the United States from Mexico.</i><br></font><no>5. Any motor vehicle designed for carrying cargo, including delivery vans, pickups, and other motorized vehicles (including passenger autos) fitted with a bed designed to carry goods.<br><no>6. A garden cart, a two-wheeled wheelbarrow.<br><no>7. A small wagon or cart, of various designs, pushed or pulled by hand or (obsolete) pulled by an animal, as with those in hotels for moving luggage, or in libraries for transporting books.<br><no>8. A pantechnicon (removal van).<br><no>9. (UK) A flatbed railway car.<br><no>10. A pivoting frame, one attached to the bottom of the bed of a railway car at each end, that rests on the axle and which swivels to allow the axle (at each end of which is a solid wheel) to turn with curves in the track. The axle on many types of railway car is not attached to the truck and relies on gravity to remain within the truck's brackets (on the truck's base) that hold the axle in place<br><no>11. The part of a skateboard or roller skate that joins the wheels to the deck, consisting of a hanger, baseplate, kingpin, and bushings, and sometimes mounted with a riser in between.<br><no>12. (theater) A platform with wheels or casters.<br><no>13. Dirt or other messiness.<br><h5><font color='#Fda123'>Adjective</font></h5><strong class=\"Latn headword\" >truck</strong> (<i>not comparable</i>)<br><no>1. Pertaining to a garden patch or truck garden.<br>
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